With a month to go until the show opens in Edinburgh, we’ve been getting to know our lovely cast a bit more and having a chat about their characters. With such a small cast, the characters have lots of time to change over the course of the play, and who better to tell us about them than the actors themselves?

First up: Craig Poole as Perce Blackborow.

Tell us a bit about what happens to your character.

The Stowaway goes though a lot! He finds himself hiding within a smelly locker in the depths of a ship, only to be discovered and allowed to live anything but the high life up on deck. He goes through torment, deadly temperatures, pain and glory. All in the shadow of his idol and eventual friend, Shackleton.

It’s a story in quite an extreme environment. What’s the single toughest thing your character has to face during the story?

The toughest thing I believe the Stowaway has to face is the bitter frost bite he receives in his foot – the agony and fear of not knowing if he can recover recovery is terrifying.

What made you want to be an actor?

I wanted to become an actor because of the passion I have for making others happy. The art of storytelling, immersing myself and my audience, gives me the spark for the career I love.

Why should we come and watch your show?

You should come and watch our show, not only because of the humour but because of the journey both of these characters share. The quality of love and hate within these two friends is timeless, particularly because they couldn’t be more alike! You will laugh, maybe even tear up a little, as you watch the beauty and struggle of a growing friendship aboard a wooden ship.

Sum up the stowaway in three words.

Positive, passionate, persistent.

Tickets are available now from the Fringe Website.